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Welcome to Stoneheart Fitness, the expert in personal training Zaandam. You are central to our training. Your own personal trainer will work with you to achieve your goals and lead a healthy lifestyle.

The benefits of a personal trainer Zaandam

Do you recognize it? That revenue model of the conventional gym? You take out a subscription, come to workout for a few weeks and yet you eventually become demotivated, so you no longer go to the gyms. In the meantime, the subscription continues and you spend money for something you don’t use.
Working out under the guidance of a personal trainer Zaandam at Stoneheart Fitness counteracts this. There are several advantages of personal training compared to working out in the gym yourself. Let’s take a look at three different benefits.

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In addition to extensive knowledge and experience in the field of fitness, Stoneheart Fitness is also medically certified!

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We have learned from extensive experience that it is many times more effective to determine several small targets than one very distant target. Our vision is that you can best achieve your big goals in smaller steps. For example, if you plan to lose 20 kilos, your personal trainer Zaandam will divide this into smaller and more easily achievable steps.

When you set a single bigger goal and don’t achieve it for a long time, motivation drops further and further. By setting smaller intermediate goals for yourself, you motivate yourself every time you achieve a goal. In that case, Personal Training Zaandam ensures that realistic goals are set and that they are also met by exercising effectively.

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