How you are always in top shape and go to training motivated.

Fair is fair: many people drop out after a few weeks of training or fitness.Do you know the business model of many fitness centers? The subscription. People close it off, are no longer motivated after a few weeks and they don’t come anymore. But the subscription continues …


At Stoneheart Fitness we don’t do that. We prefer to solve this struggle for you.

“How do I continue to train with motivation?”

Because that’s how it works: you skip it because it really doesn’t work. And that is the beginning of the end. You won’t come before you know it. Never again.

We at Stoneheart Fitness will do everything to protect you from this. If you achieve your customized goals, you will become more motivated. We believe in big goals and small steps to get there. In addition to knowledge and experience in the field of fitness, Stonehart Fitness is also medically qualified.

If you achieve your goals, you become more motivated and more motivated …

We believe in big goals. And in small steps to get there. If you see those smaller steps as smaller goals, and you achieve them, you become more motivated and motivated. Then you are not going to skip once;)

“How am I going to achieve that?”

Within Stoneheart fitness knowledge and experience from the medical and fitness world are combined. I, Ruben Steenhart, am qualified as a physiotherapist and human dermatologist and as a trainer. Previously I only worked as a trainer and I noticed that I lacked knowledge and experience in the field of anatomy, pathology, physiology and how I could still train people, even though they have a hip or shoulder complaint.

That is why I started studying as a paramedic (Mensendieck, specialist in the field of posture and movement). I then worked in a solo practice for six years. Now it’s time to combine both passions. I thought about what I like. And about how I can help people even better. My idea was to merge knowledge and apply it in a training form. This is a great opportunity to invest in yourself with our total package. So that we can achieve your goal with a responsible and effective program! It will sometimes surprise you that it is the small details that make the big difference.

This is what Stoneheart fitness stands for:

  • You achieve your customized goals;
  • You get insights into good nutrition, so that you feel even more energetic and fitter;
  • You increase your awareness about training and lifestyle;
  • You receive periodic measurements so that you can see exactly how much progress you are making;
  • You know that you are in good hands, we stand for 14 years of experience;
  • You train at a unique location and in a pleasant, personal setting.

Request an intake interview now.

” if you don’t find time to do exercises you will find time for illness ”

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